Tourism Principles & Practice QQI Level 5

Mon 6.30-9.30pm • Duration: 12 weeks

Tuition Fee:          €280
Start Date:            Monday 30th September 2019

Aim of the Programme Module

This programme module aims to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence to understand the fundamental principles and practice of national and international tourism and to appreciate the role of tourism in the Irish economy. It is intended to prepare the learner for employment or further training in the tourism sector.

This course is delivered through a blended learning approach which is a combination of classroom based and online learning to allow greater flexibility to learners who are either working full time or part time.

Sectors which make up the modern tourism industry.

Types of tourism and their relevance in the tourist market

Factors which influence the growth and development of tourism nationally & internationally.

The effects of tourism socially, economically, culturally and environmentally.

The main components of the Irish tourism product, including transport, accommodation, business and conference facilities.

Identify a range of major international and national tourist attractions.

Learn about tourist profiles and how they impact on tourist markets.

The roles of the main agencies involved in developing and promoting Irish tourism and hospitality.

The role of the individual employee in creating a positive image of Ireland, promoting tourism and providing general tourist informati

Tuition Fee:          €280

Accreditation:       QQI Level 5 Tourism Principles and Practice 5N2078  (5M5011)

Start Date:            Monday 30th September 2019