Team Leadership and Conflict Management (Having that Difficult

Conversation) QQI Level 6

Tuition Fee:                    €800

Start Date:                     Saturday 14th September 2019

Want to be a successful Team Leader and overcome various challenges? This dual qualification, Team Leadership and Conflict Management provides the knowledge and skills to understand and manage conflict situations, either at work or in group situations providing  a series of tools and techniques.  It is very practical in nature and suited to any environment where conflict, anger and hostility are encountered either by telephone or in person.

Course Content

Team Leadership

Identify your Leadership Style

Roles and Responsibility of Team Leader

Management Vs Leadership

Conflict Management

People management skills

Skills of conflict management

Resolving conflicts


Team Leadership QQI Level 6 6N1948

Minor Award Certificate (15 credits)

Conflict Management QQI Level 6 6N2775

This course is delivered through a flexible learning approach which is a combination of classroom based meetings and online learning – 8 Saturdays in total (4 classroom based)

A high level of commitment is required. A full time table is available from


Tuition Fee:                    €800

Accreditation:              Team Leadership QQI Level 6N1948 Minor Award

Conflict Management QQI Level 6  6N2775 Minor Award

Start Date:                     Saturday 14th September 2019