Stock Exchange
(Introduction to the Financial Market) (O)

Tue 7.00-9.00pm • Duration: 8 Weeks

Tuition Fee:          €100
Start Date:          Tuesday 26th January 2021

This course teaches an introduction to the stock market from a general to specific approach. You will develop an investors mindset by learning how to discover and research investments with the greatest potential.  This is a ‘hands-on’ course where participants will use their training and research and construct a ‘fantasy share portfolio’ which they will monitor throughout the course.

Course Content:

  • History of Stock Market Economic
  • Perspective Illustration of equity returns
  • Share selection
  • Structure of stock market and investment
  • Examining annual report/ accounts
  • Case studies of quoted companies
  • Characteristics of shares Future prospects
  • Other investments
  • Government Stocks / Property, Tracker bonds / Options

Tuition Fee:          €100

Start Date:            Tuesday 26th January 2021