Employment Law QQI Level 6 (O)

Mon 6.30-9.30pm • Duration: 13 Weeks

Tuition Fee:         €320(including examination fee)
Start Date:          Monday 18th January 2021

The aim of this module is to evaluate the role of employment legislation and institutions in combating discrimination and harassment to promote equality in the workplace. Learn how to apply a comprehensive range of specialised skills and tools to the contract of employment for a range of employee categories/ scenarios including terms and conditions, pay and pension etc.

This course is delivered through a flexible learning approach which is a combination of classroom based and online learning.

Course Content:

  • Understand collective bargaining and evaluate the role and function of labour relations institutions and trade unions.
  • Employment rights to include discrimination
  • Part-time and fixed term work
  • Organisation of Working time, pensions, etc

Tuition Fee:         €320 (including examination fee)

Accreditation:     QQI Level 6 Minor Award Employment Law 6N4322 (6M4985)

Start Date:          Monday 18th January 2021