Retail Display QQI Level 5

Tue 6.30-9.30pm • Duration: 13 weeks

Tuition Fee:          €310 (Examination fees are included
Start Date:            Tuesday 29th September 2020

The aim of this course is to prepare learners for employment in retail display. Students will appreciate the importance of good presentation and merchandising skills and how to motivate people to purchase goods in the retail setting. The Retail Display course explores the psychology of buying, defining target markets, consumer / health & safety legislation, trends and predictions.

Past Graduates:

Some of our graduates have become Visual Merchandisers with large department stores such as Harvey Norman, Smyths Toys, DFS.

During the course, students will learn:

How to identify different target markets

To explore chosen themes for window display through spider graphs, mood boards and retail displays board

Develop and increase their power of observation / presentational skills

Analysis of the impact of a range of factors on the design of a retail display

Merchandising & Product positioning/placement on retail floor

Selling skills & Customer motives

Graphics, Colour, Lighting & Display techniques

Tuition Fee:          €310 (Examination fees are included)

Accreditation:       QQI Level 5 Minor Award in Retail Display 5N1861 (5M2105)

Start Date:             Tuesday 29th September 2020