Precision Brows

Wed 6.30 -8.30 p.m. • Duration: 6 weeks

Tuition fee: €100

Start Date:   Wednesday 30th January 2019

This course is suitable for students who would like to learn the art of beautiful brows

Course Content:

Talk about why we shape the brows and when not to shape the brows(contra indications)

Skin conditions

Hair growth theory

Different brow shapes and trends

How to choose the correct brow shape to enhance your clients features

Basic rules on eye brow shaping

How to do a brow consultation with your client

How to do a tinting patch test

How to select the correct pigment colour to enhance your clients natural brows and skin tone.)….

Prep area before hair removal

Hygiene & sterilisation

How to map out the brows to suit the clients eye and face shape

How to draw the lines to help have exact plan of hair removal

Agreeing the shape plan of brows with the client before removal of hair

How to use tweezers- do’s and don’ts

How to trim brows, when and when not to do

Aftercare of brows

Tuition fee: €100

Start Date:   Wednesday 30th January 2019