NUI Certificate in Psychology Level 7
(National University Of Ireland Maynooth)


Certificates in Addiction Studies and Psychology from Kay Loughlin in Maynooth University NB: Covid 19: Given the current situation with the Covid 19 pandemic we hope to be able to run the courses as closely as possible to the way we have always run them. This being the case we are looking at the university guidelines for face to face classrooms and this means having small classes in large class rooms in order for us to observe physical distancing rules. However, we will need to be flexible in our approach and therefore we are also preparing for Blended delivery of courses. This will mean that depending on the advice from the government regarding tightening or loosening the control measures of lockdown we might have to switch to Teams, Video or Moodle classes at short notice. As a consequence, people who are thinking of applying for our certificate courses for 2020-2021 will need access to a PC or Laptop to take part in distance learning. We will do our utmost to give you the best learning experience that circumstances allow and hope to be able to continue with our preferred face to face classroom based teaching for as long as possible and it is safe to do so. The link for application is

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Tue 6.00-9.30pm • Duration: 1 Year

Tuition Fee:        €1250 (part payment options available through NUI Maynooth)
Start Date:          Tuesday 13th October 2020

Course Aim:

The course aims to introduce participants to the main psychological theories and examine their contribution of the development of the discipline.

The NUI Certificate in Psychology certified by NUI Maynooth is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to develop an understanding of psychology and to explore its relevance to the individual, community and society.

Admission Requirements:

Participants must be 21 years or over from 1st Jan (Proof of ID on enrolment)

Have adequate skills to participate fully in an NUI Certificate level course

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction to Psychology and Study Skills

Module 2: The Biological Basis of Behaviour

Module 3: Learning and Feeling

Module 4: Personality

Module 5: The Development of The Individual

Module 6: Introduction to Social Psychology

Module 7: Introduction To Abnormal Psychology

Module 8: Introduction To Social Research

Assessment Procedures:

85% Minimum Attendance Research Project / Essays

Participation in Class Report based on Learning Journal

Credit Transfer System:

The NUI Certificate is linked to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This means that students may acquire credits and apply for exemptions to other courses within the credit transfer system. The NUI Certificate courses carry up to 20 credits. (ECTS)

Tuition Fee:        €1250 (part payment options available through NUI Maynooth)

Accreditation:     Level 7 NUI Certificate In Psychology

Start Date:         Tuesday 13th October 2020

Classes will be held in the Cork College of Commerce and are accredited by NUI Maynooth.

Where to apply:

Please apply through Cork College of Commerce website or apply directly to NUI Maynooth using the link below

SW reduction does not apply to NUI courses

Contact Details:


Tel: 01 7086062