Human Growth and Development

(5N1279) QQI Level 5

Mon 6.30-9.30pm • Duration: 13 weeks

Tuition Fee:                €200

Start Date:                 Monday 28th September 2020

This course is suitable for people working in Community Care, Healthcare, Nursing, and Early Years Childcare. It will  introduce the learner to human growth and development and teach you how to work effectively in a variety of community/social care/childcare settings, where frequent demand is made on the individual to relate to people at various levels of personal development, from infancy to old age.

Course Content:

Understand the concept of human growth and development from conception to old age

Understand normal patterns of development from infancy to old age

Variations within the normal range of human growth and development understand factors that can effect development throughout the lifespan

Apply skills/knowledge to typical work-based problems

Tuition Fee:                €200

Accreditation:           QQI Minor Award in Human Growth

and Development 5N1259

Start Date:                Monday 28th September 2020