Child Development QQI Level 5 (O)


Mon 6.30-9.00pm • Duration: 12 weeks

Tuition Fee:        €185
Start Date:           Monday 18th January 2021

If you have a genuine interest in children and want to know how they grow, develop and learn, this course will definitely be for you.Upon successful completion of this Child Development module, you will obtain a vital aspect of the necessary and nationally recognised qualification for those who wish to enter or develop a career within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector . This online module allows for the multi-contextual exploration of children’s holistic growth and development 0 – 6 years


Course Content:

  1. Distinct learning in key areas of children’s development,
  2. Life stages and the impacts that affect a child’s developmental journey.
  3. Opportunities for discussion, interactive learning techniques
  4. Educational exploration of a range of dynamic child development topics.
  5. Awareness and understanding of the theories of child development
  6. The development of a range of specialised skills to meet the needs of parents, children, colleagues and other stakeholders in an ECEC setting in the context of legislation and national practice guidelines.
  7. The positive influence and key role of the adult in the child’s development
  8. Importance of play in relation to children’s growth and development.
  9. An experiential and applicable approach to observation and course assessment.

Tuition Fee:          €185

Accreditation:     QQI Minor Award in Child Development 5N1764

Start Date:             Monday 18th January 2021