Care Support QQI Level 5 (O)

This purpose of this online elearning module is to examine the role of the care worker within the multidisciplinary healthcare team and to develop the skills necessary to understand the responsibilities of the care worker

Mon 6.30 – 9.30 pm • Duration: 12 weeks

Tuition Fee:        €185
Start Date:         Monday 18th January 2021

Learning Outcomes:

  • Roles and responsibilities of care work
  • Plan and provide enhanced quality care
  • Apply knowledge to meet individual needs of client
  • Personal planning and growth
  • Working effectively in a team

Tuition Fee:        €185

Accreditation:     QQI Minor Award in Care Support 5N0758

Start Date:       Monday 18th January 2021

Contact with a registered setting is required for this module.