Advanced Computer Skills (Cork ETB)                           

Wed 6.30-8.30pm • Duration: 20 Weeks

Tuition Fee:        €280
Start Date:          Wednesday 7th October 2020

This course is aimed at those who have some experience of computers and wish to gain greater skills on a PC. The course is not suitable for beginners. Subjects covered include advanced email, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations, computer maintenance, file management, image editing, and internet resources.

Course Content

Advanced email functions

Keyboard shortcuts and touch-typing

Improving cut, copy and paste skills

File management and structures

Overview of control panel and user accounts

System protection including firewalls and anti-virus

Downloading programs and installation procedures

Storage media including flash drives, external hard drives, cloud etc.

Creating a basic blog/website and management of dashboard

Advanced word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations

Desktop publishing of newsletters and cards

Image editing, resizing, cropping, resolution etc.

Advice on purchasing a desktop or laptop

Internet resources, online forms, booking flights, hotels etc.

Tuition Fee:        €280

Accreditation:    Advanced Computer Skills (Cork ETB)

Start Date:          Wednesday 7th October 2020