A full refund will be given to all applicants for courses, which do not proceed. Students who attend one night of a course are not entitled to a refund. We regret we cannot entertain any other requests for refunds.


  • Fees are outlined in the course description.
  • All fees must be paid for before classes commence.
  • Students cannot attend a class without an official receipt.
  • Fees do not cover the cost of materials, students will be expected to bear the cost of materials.
  • Fees are strictly non-refundable.
  • Receipts must be presented to the class teacher on the first night of tuition so

that enrolment details may be entered on the class register.

  • Where course fees are being funded by an employer / government or community agency           the student should complete the application form and return completed and stamped with the

company stamp (copy given to tutor on first night).

Available Discounts

  • €10 discount if you apply online
  • Social Welfare 30% reduction in tuition cost
  • Old Age Pension 50% reduction in tuition cost
  • Proof of SW and OAP to be included with application
  • Restricted availability on certain courses where discounts do not apply
  • Please Note: €10 Discount does not apply to Examination Fees and Tests.